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"A Letter from Santa himself sent directly to your child from the North Pole"

Christmas is all about children! As adults we know the magical feelings associated with believing in Santa Claus. We can remember the thrill we felt as children when we would visit him at the mall. After a long period of planning our special Santa Claus letter for Christmas, eventually the time would come to get the carefully crafted letter in the mail. We would address it to Santa Claus at the North Pole.

Generation after generation, times have not changed much. Children still write letters to Santa. Each of these letters is highly personalized; simply explaining that the child has been good and a list of the things wanted for Christmas is included. Other children write detailed letters, carefully explaining and perhaps justifying each instance that may have been looked at as being less than good. The letters are sent and then the children wait. Some never receive a response at all, but for others...

Imagine the thrill and excitement when a child receives a letter postmarked from the North Pole! Even before the letter is opened the child has gained a sense of value and worth. After all, Santa Claus took the time to send a genuine letter! Santa really does exist and he knows exactly where your child lives! This is proof that the magic of Christmas is real!

The excitement grows as your child anticipates what the letter might say. You delight in the fact that you are responsible for this joy.

"Santa Claus Letters Keep Your Child believing in the true magic Santa himself!"

As we grow older and become adults it is easy to forget the wondrous feelings associated with Christmas. We can easily get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and the magic of Christmas gets lost in the mix of shopping, decorating, and keeping other things in our life on track at the same time. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a kid again; to believe in the magic of Santa Claus?

The good news is that we can bring those feelings back. It has been done throughout the centuries – parents have worked to keep the spirit of Santa Claus alive and in doing so, they have stayed in touch with the child that lives within them. It’s true; each of us has a child inside us that is just waiting to get out!

We can encourage that escape by helping our children and the children around us believe in the magic of Christmas and of Santa Claus. There are lots of ways to do that. Focusing on Santa Claus is ideal because he encompasses all the magical and mystical aspects of Christmas and childhood. Why not insure that the children in your life receive authentic letters from Santa this year?

This simple and inexpensive treat will go a long way toward keeping the magic in Christmas for your children. Santa Claus letters convey a sense of love, worth and magic that nothing else can at this time of year.

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"My son loved the letter from Santa! It made me happy to see him so happy!"

- Joey Martin
Sahuarita, Arizona

"The Santa Letter Package exceeded our expectations! Everything in it was authentic from the North Pole! Thank you Santa."

- James Krewson
Columbia, Mossouri

"This Santa Letter was fantastic! My son was so amazed! I will order here every year!"

- Christa Cavender
Lynchburg, Virginia

Personalize a Santa Letter Now!
Personalize a Santa Letter Now!