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Santa Letters About us

"GenuineLettersFromSanta.com delivers authentic Santa Letters from the North Pole"

Our goal at “Genuine Letters From Santa” is making a difference in the lives of children everywhere by delivering letters from the North Pole. We believe in the magic of Christmas and want to inspire parents and care givers of children to keep the enchantment of Santa Claus alive in their hearts.

The truth is that Christmas is a magical time. It brings out the love and irresistible joys of childhood in all of us, old and young alike. When children write letters to Santa they are demonstrating a belief in the unknown and the power of magic. When a personalized letter from Santa arrives it rejuvenates the child’s belief and spirit.  

Every parent enjoys seeing their child being captivated by the whimsical charm of Santa and all the magical powers he possesses. The innocence of a child’s joy in this simple pleasure is heartwarming. 

Our one-of-a-kind personalized letters include convincing details that every parent and child can appreciate. It’s no wonder that these authentic letters from the North Pole become treasured childhood keepsakes that bring back wonderful memories of a loving time from the past.

By keeping Christmas magical parents can help their children build wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. And the magic will continue as these children will grow up, become adults, and carry on the tradition for their own children.

"Your Child’s Letter to Santa Claus will not go un-answered this Christmas!"

Even though we may not always be aware of it, few children let a Christmas go by without writing letters to Santa.  And many of us would love to create a letter that would persuade our child to believe in Santa and the wonders of Christmas – if only we knew how.

Sadly, it is difficult to find the time to write a letter that is not only convincing, but one that will also seem genuinely from Santa Claus. After all, we live in a modern age, where our children have access to computers and other electronics that can teach ways to determine authenticity of such things. When Santa letters go unanswered it is easy for a child to assume that Santa himself is a myth and yet another dream is lost.

The good news is that the burden does not have to be on the shoulders of the parents. In fact, there is no need for this to be a burden at all. Our program can take care of sending a letter to any child of any age. The letter will include details that help to insure its authenticity and that it is genuinely from Santa Claus. 

The children in your life will be thrilled with the personalized attention they receive from Santa himself. The magic of the season will be obvious when you see the delight on their faces!


Letters from Santa
  • Authentic Parchment Style Paper
  • Contain's Santa's REAL Signature
  • Official Gold Foil Seal
  • Highly Personalized
  • Gold Foil Addressed directly to child!
  • Official North Pole Stamp
  • Arrives before Christmas
  • New Santa Letter Creator Allows you to edit the entire letter! Each letter is completely unique!

Personalize a Santa Letter Now!
Personalize a Santa Letter Now!

"My two boys were ecstatic about their Santa Letters! They were jumping around in amazement..."

- Katherine Green
Dallas, Georgia

"My 6yr old daughter was besides herself and told everyone. Couldn't believe Santa knew so much about her. She showed everyone her Letter from Santa! BEST YEAR YET!"

- Renee O'Donnell
Chicago, Illinois

"The Santa Letters were wonderful, even had the 13 year old stunned!"

- Jeannette Keim
Lehigh Acres, Florida